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3 (useful?) Papers

The review I recently published got a lot of interest (well, relatively...). People commented about the general lack of reading material on triremes and ancient naval in general. So I decided to continue sharing my view on things I read, in case you already don't know them.

Below, 3 extremely short reviews of academic papers and the reasons why I found them interesting. All of them are available for free at

A trireme named Isis: the sgraffito from Nymphaion, by W.M. Murray.

Discusses the depiction of a Ptolemaic ship found in a sanctuary in modern Crimea, identifying it as a trireme. Interesting because: explains the different shape of triremes' rams compared to larger ships'. And, there's a cool image of Isis - it's the one above.

The fleet of Syracuse 480 - 413 b.c., by A. Morakis. A concise report on the activities, size and composition of the Syracusan fleets of the V century, under the tyrants, the democratic regime and during the Peloponnesian war.

Interesting because: nice sketch of the totally unknown (to me) naval encounters against the Etruscans in the early part of the century.

The invention, and the evolution, of the trireme, by B. Ahremberg.

Compilative sum-up of the main academic contributions on the origin and development of the trireme (he says it was the wily Phoenicians...). Bibliography rich.

Interesting because: the second half of the paper is a brief but neat discussion of the main architectural differences between Greek and Phoenician ships. Very interesting, especially for my sculpting needs!

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