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a little maritime town for your holiday and raiding needs

I finally got around to 3d print and paint some additional scenery items that I designed for use in the third scenario of the Samian war campaign. It is true that you do not really manage to do anything unless you have an incoming game!

I prepared a little town. I plan to have it as background in scenarios where there is an attack on a beached fleet, because a fleet would often beach close to a city or town so the crews would have a market to buy cheese, wine and women. This is how I would use it in the Samian war, as the little town close to which the Athenians beached their invasion fleet. But the little houses could also be useful in scenarios where a fleet tries to get out of a blockaded port, or simply to have something to show on the land side of a purely naval battle.

Here are a couple of more shots of it. As you can see, the little houses are clustered in small “blocks” which are around 2-3 cm of side. This makes them easier to deploy on the table.

I pictured them with Irregular miniatures BG48 2mm infantry, just to show the size of the little houses.

I did three different blocks of poor houses. These are only little cubes with roofs. Your rowers would reside here! You can download the different blocks at this, this and this links.

I also designed two blocks which include some more sophisticated houses. They have red tile roofs and internal gardens. These houses are fit for trierarchs and generals! Download them here and here.

Finally, I thought no respectable town would be complete without a temple, so here it is. I also did a small pryktoria: this was a small castle/ tower guard, tiny but large enough to house a small contingent. It can be used to guard the town, but also alone on top of a promontory or something – pryktoria were often built to guard crossroads or hills over strategically important lines of communications, for example. You can download the temple here and the pryktoria here.

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