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A wooden wall is fine, but...

...gigantic walls of stone with huge square towers are nice as well! With many apologies to the oracle of Delphi, you can download from this page the STL files of Greek city walls that I designed some time ago to use with my 2mm armies and the Perfect Captain's Hoplomachia rules (they have been the walls of Potidea, for example). I just realized - why not share them, given the interest raised by the previous 3d build, the shipshed? In the picture below, you see it with some 2mm miniatures by Irregular minis, just to give you a sense of their size.

These walls can be used as background or for scenarios in which a town or port is under siege. They are not designed to form a closed perimeter, but of course you could just make them do it since they are modular. There are five different sections. They are all 10 cm in lenght, 1 in height (excluding towers and battlements), and 1 deep. Here you can download the straight section you see in the following picture.

Here you can download the straight section with tower.

Here, the entrance gate

And finally here an angled wall. This is much longer than 10 cm obviously!

You can use portions of the wall also to protect the shipshed. Or maybe I should design proper pieces for the seaside protection?

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