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alkedo ships soon available from Irregular minis!!!

Great news!! Irregular Miniatures will produce and sell the whole Alkedo range of 1/2400 ancient galleys!!! Praise to the Gods!

The full range includes:

- 4 triremes, which can be used as Greeks, Egyptian, Lydian - or pretty much anything else!

- 2 undecked triremes with exposed rowers, which can represent the Themistoclean Athenian navy (Salamis, anyone?) or veteran ships relying more on manouver and ramming than on boarding;

- 2 Phoenician triremes with their distinctive silhouette, the main component of the Great King's navy;

- a pentekontere, either to represent the bulk of a VI cent. fleet aside a small number of triremes (perfect for the battle of Alalia), or to represent smaller or poorer poleis contingents during the Peloponnesian war. Or for pirates!

- 2 freighters (1 large, 1 small);

- a floating trireme hull (this can be used by your enemies as a marker when you sink one of theirs).

Also, Irregular will make available the 3mm hoplite infantry block, which can be useful for landings and for burning your enemy's camps and ports.

Stay tuned and I will let you know the availability as soon as possible! WOOO-OOH!

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