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an akatos (again...)

I thought I had the akatos ready (see here for the triumphal announcement...). I did not anticipate that the structure of the sculpt was too fragile, and that it would not survive moulding. As it happens, the mast apparently broke down during the moulding process, so that all the copies are.. uhm.. let's say that they have serious balance issues!

I went on with a resculpt. Same style, a large rounded akatos with raised back and a large sail towards the prow area. Again, the hull is in supersculpey and the mast and sail are with greenstuff. But, this time I decide to stiffen the whole thing by adding a metallic mast, a piece of brass rod which I then covered in greenstuff. Covering it was quite difficult as the damn thing refused to stick to the slick, rounded and minimal surface of the brass rod!

Then I added a greenstuff sail. This was also quite a challenge as the sail tended to stick to my finger instead of on the mast. It did come together in the end. I bulked up the sail a little bit in the upper front side with some additional greenstuff, to make it look more full of wind.

It is also nicely scaled nicely with the triereis and the smaller freighters.

Hopefully this one will withstand the moulding process!

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