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A kind fellow was quite eager to playtest Oi Navarcoi but still needed to download, print and paint a bunch of ships... so I told him I'd just send him top down pictures of my ships. Then I thought that maybe others could find them useful, and this week I was at home in sick leave, so there you go! Top down shots of 5x3,5 cm Alkedo bases, ready to play. I have done Corcyreans, Corinthians and Athenians as this fellow wanted to do Sybota (yes, I know, there were a lot of minor Peloponnesian ships involved...).

In order to distinguish them I added a national symbol on the left down corner. I took the symbol from the coinage, as this was largely how poleis projected their image and status abroad, and also a propaganda tool - for good or bad. For example, when Aegina was a dominant seapower, its "seaturtle" drachma coin was universally known and used in the whole eastern Mediterranean: and when Athens finally defeated Aegina, forced it to change the symbol into a land turtle to publicize its loss of status at sea! In turn, Athen's own "owls" in imperial times was a kind of dollar of its time and was so well known that several minor poleis adopted the owl on their own coinage. You guessed it: I am starting to get into numismatics, a big problem. More on this later.

So there you go, here are the files. In each you find a full 8 bases, 15 ships squadron. The leader has a little space were you can write down the name of the squadron.

Alkedo corcyreans
Download PDF • 715KB

Alkedo Corinthians
Download PDF • 642KB

Alkedo athenians
Download PDF • 720KB

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