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N.3 commissioned - finally!

I was finally able to sculpt a satisfying third sculpt. I did not sculpt for some 3 weeks and I instantly lost my hand, I had to waste 2 full days sculpting horrible crap to finally regain it. But here it is:

Its prow is quite different from n.1 and 2. It's much more vertical and the ram is less pronounced, shorter and stouter.

It was an effort to merely produce a better design, but later I realized that it might very well represent a more "greek" build, compared to n.1 and 2 which could be more "eastern" builds. In fact, historians tells us that one of the difference between greek and phoenician triremes was that the phoenician rams were longer. Maybe I'll have another scupt on the n.3 model, in a full row, so two have two ships for each building style.

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