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Ambush at cape Helus

Last scenario we played with Oi Navarcoi was an ambush. Pericles’ strategy was working: an Athenian fleet would sail each summer for the Peloponnesus, row around it unopposed and in the process bring fire and revolt to all the small towns subjected by the Spartans. The Gerousia had enough. The Spartan assembly kindly asked the Kings to face the Athenians. The secret support of the Great King, quite annoyed by the Athenians’ cries for Ionian liberty, was secured. An ambush was sprung: the Athenians were to be caught in surprise as soon as they double cape Helus.

Five Laconian squadrons are hidden behind a cape. Three are in double line and hoping to engage the enemy as soon as it doubled the cape.

The two outermost are in column and are supposed to cut the way of the Athenians. At the navarcos’s signal, they are ready to turn towards the enemy, thus forming line.

However, the Athenians do not cooperate. They enter in two columns which turn sharply towards the open sea, where they know they enjoy superiority, as soon as they see the enemy.

The Spartans in double line are too slow to catch up!

Even the two squadrons in columns are too slow to completely close the door on the Athenians.

However, the Athenian general Marcolos decides to turn and give battle. He wants to stop the Spartans with its right wing and encircle them with its left. He is confident in his crews’ superiority.

And he’s right! As soon as Menelaos son of Kallias engages alone two Spartan squadrons, one of the two – Eurotas’ – immediately breaks! Cowards!!

And even when Kleitos attacks Menelaos from the flank, the heroic Athenian crews hold tight and resist.

On the Athenian left, meanwhile, Evagoras attempt to exploit its speed in column to encircle the Spartan ally Azribaal. However, the shrewd Phoenicians form kyklos and thus avoid having their flank taken.

The Spartans do have some success in the center, though, with Peisandros’ squadron routing Konon’s. However, the Laconians start pursuing the fleeing enemy and fail to eploit the success. Bad discipline for Spartans..

On the right, Menelaos’ men fight like possessed by the Gods. Not only they fight two against one, not only they resist a flank attack, but in the end they manage to rout both opponents!

This signals of the end for the Laconians. The ambush has failed. The remains of the fleet ashamedly retire. What will the Gerousia say…

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Jul 17, 2023

It was an epic struggle! Moreover appears that your ruleset is finally working as devised 😉

Jul 18, 2023
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