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olympias at sea! 1992

I don't know if you know that Andrew is a pen pal of mine. Andrew is the fellow who wrote the study "Battle manoeuvres for fast triremes" which is by far the best and most detailed scientific explanation of trireme tactics that I know of, and which was published in the final Olympias report. And which I "reproduced" in stop-motion videos with my triereis as my contribution to science (ahemmm). Andrew actually got in touch by reading the blog and we started corresponding.

I am telling you this because he was so kind to send me a few pictures of his experience rowing on the Olympias. Since you really liked the pictures of my visit to the Olympias, I asked him if I could publish these and he kindly agreed. Most of them are from the 1992 sea trials, while the last one should be from 1994. I have never seen them, not even in the Trireme trust, so I guess they were previously unpublished. Enjoy!

This I think it's the istmus of Corinth.

Andrew as the kybernetes. He said that was a very good steering - unbelievably sensitive for a 40 tonne ship!

Notice the very limited space on board

Temistocles looking out for the enemy

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Jul 02, 2023

Complimenti !!! Belle foto. Sembra di vivere ai tempi dell' antica Grecia.

Jul 02, 2023
Replying to

Grazie! anche se le foto sono di Andrew. deve essere stata un'esperienza magnifica

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