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An experiment is never a fail

I have a new sculpt which I called "the reptile", as it reminds me of one. It's not pretty. You can see it in the photo below with the sculpt n. 1. It will end up in the bin.

However, the reptile is an important development because includes two novelties. First, you can see the oarage looks pretty different from n.1: it's less precise and neat but much more dramatic and dynamic. I used a different sculpting tecnique and tool, pictured below:

I almost like the new oarage better than the previous. I am not sure to adopt it or not! Probably need some more tries.

Second, I always wanted to add a proembolon, also as a way to distinguish greek vs eastern triremes (which will have no proembolon). As you can see in the following picture, the reptile has the horizontal line ending in the proembolon pretty clearly - the little ram itself is too small to sculpt, but the lines clearly suggest it and I think it looks pretty cool.

It was not even as crazy as I feared to add. So this is is definitely something than the final scupts will have. No experiment is useless, ever!

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