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the first alkedo squadron is finally at sea!

Finally, the first squadron of Alkedo ships is ready!! I received the 50x35cm bases (ordered in early December), based them with Vallejo Med water texture and put the ships at sea. This journey started in June 2019... Honestly I am very satisfied with the result. Here they are from close distance:

And here's the whole squadron of 14 ships in double line, training to defend from a diekplous:

Here they are training to actually practice the diekplous - will still need some additional practice...

And here's the lads, after training, hurrying up in double column towards the Summer Dance Festival in Mykonos, where blonde barbiarian chicks perform drunken orgiastic dances

You can check more pictures in the FB page here. Soon I will prepare more squadrons for fleet manouver!

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