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The test prints are here!!

Finally the test prints have arrived! Here they are in all their glory!!

And unpainted:

And here, for scale comparison, attacking an 1/1200 Navwar trireme.

Overall the triremes came out fairly well. Unfortunately n.1, my favourite, was the only bad mould (of course!). You can see here, compared with the master sculpt, how it seems to be sinking at the stern. Also, the "tail" was greatly diminished. This needs a new cast.

N.2 and all the others are fine. N.2 needs a little filing of its tail, it is too fat in the original sculpt. I was afraid of sanding it, that I could break it, but I can do it now.

N.3 is also overall fine. It just needs some sanding in the forward port oarage, which looks longer than the rest.

N.4 is ok too, just needs slimming that fat tail again.

So overall, very happy! I will now prepare them for the real moulding.

Aside from the trimming and sanding and filing, I would really like to try and add a parexeiresia to all of them with greenstuff. The lack of a proper outrigger was the single real mistake, design-wise, that I always regretted but I was never able to sculpt it properly. Maybe now as an add-on it will be easier...?

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